2022   Our Mission Work

4 nurses: Julie, Rova, Harivola, and Floria 

Meeting with General Secretary 2022 July 19 

The first day of training in Jesus Hospital 2022 July 19 

Meeting for the preparation of the construction of the church for the Mykea tribe    2022 July 15 16 17 

Meeting DGFS (Managing Director of care Supply)   2022 July 12 

Meeting DRH ( Director of Human Ressources )2022 July 11 

Meeting with officials from the Ministry of Finance and Security and officials from the Korean Embassy to promote cooperation between the Korean government and the Malagasy government 07 July 2022

Meeting with Director of Mahajanga Dental School  2022 July 06 

Presentation of the medical project by Dr Lee Ankatso Faculter MED 02 Jun 2022

Free consultation for the eye project with CENTRE HOSPITALIER UNIVERSITAIRE ANOSIALA  24 May  2022

Donation 2 dental equipment for DLNMT and signature of donation certificat  24 May  2022

Donation of  equipment médical  for HJRA and signature of donation certificat  16 May  2022

Donation of dental equipment Antehiroka  04 April  2022

Inauguration CSB2 and maternity and dentistry in Antehiroka   29 April  2022

Meeting DE HJRA  27 April  2022

Meeting DHRD (Tsaralalana)  26 April  2022

 Meeting Prof Willy Befelatanana 22 April  2022

Meeting inauguration  of CSB2 Antehiroka with the municipal teams 19 April  2022

Donation of médical equipment for CSB2 Manankasina and signature of donation certificat 19 April  2022

 MOU discussion AFF&WELL  Ministry of Population 15 April 2022

The JOY TEAM offers an outdoor football training program every Wednesday and distribution of warm clothes

Donation medicine CSB2 Talatamaty 03 March  2022

JOY TEAM indoor program teaching the Word of GOD Every Wednesday February  2022

Relief in the South East region of Madagascar Anjabetrongo 17 February  2022

Donation medicine CSB2 Talatamaty 31 January / 02 February  2022

 Meeting Leaders  and Coaches Joy Team  and Visiting kids in Andramiarana   26 January 2022

Meeting  24 January 2022

 Donation CSB2 Antehiroka 11 January 2022

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